The most asked questions by our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of some frequently asked questions by our clients. If you don’t find the answer you seek, please feel free to contact us.

It is an environmentally-friendly system that relies on a free source of energy that Reduces fuel costs and provides positive return on investment. It can be 100% reliable by utilizing conventional systems as a secondary backup for the solar system while providing easy installation and maintenance.

As soon as possible. And it is recommended for both new construction projects and retrofits (existing buildings).

Yes, solar systems can operate in the winter season is the sun is out. However, the performance and output of the solar system will vary from summer to winter depending on the sun’s intensity.

Return on investment is relstively short. Between 2 to 4 years in most cases. If measures against international fuel price.

  • 50-80% savings on fuel cost.
  • 80% savings in maintenance cost.
  • Provides clean energy with no harmful emissions of gases.
  • Safe system with no fire or explosion hazards.
  • Provides hot water for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Commercial and industrial scale solar projects would usually be completed fully within 2-6 months depending on the project size.

Approx. 12000 m2 are required for 1000 KW capacity for a solar PV system. For solar thermal it’s much less, approx. 2500 m2 would be needed for 1000 KW capacity system.

Insolation is a measure of solar energy radiation received on a given surface area in a given time expressed in kilowatt-hours per square meter per day (kW.h/(