Solar cooling technologies are becoming more and more economical with the advancement of research and the increase of energy costs as part of the Aqaba Residence Energy Efficiency (AREE) project funded by the European union Millennium designed and installed a thermal solar cooling project using SorTech Adsorption chillers. The system provides cooling and heating along with year round supply of domestic hot water, proving that solar cooling is successful.

The leather tanning factory utilizes hot water at 80°C for the manufacturing process providing 30m³ per day for phase one. In the future the current output will be expanded to 90m³. The current setup utilizes three five cubic meter insulated tanks that are connected to the solar matrix and integrated with a steam boiler used for backup purposes.

was awarded the domestic hot water supply system supply and installation by Al Rayan Investments for its 20,000 resident labor housing project "Worker's Paradise". 46 buildings, totaling 350,000m² will be outfitted with custom built and designed solar water heating systems (on 11,200m²) to enable hot water supply during several peak periods during the day. The proposed MEI design was shown to be more cost effective that conventional electric water heating systems: Lower capital cost of solar hot water system versus conventional, therefore immediate payback Saving of 6-8 MW of electricity hook up capacity No operating cost and low maintenance system Environmentally friendly solution.

20 cubic meters of domestic hot water for junior and senior dormitories. The project was implemented in five weeks from design to installation and startup.

This private school with a semi-Olympic swimming pool of 240sqm used year for student indoor sports classes and for recreation events utilized MEI's solar solutions to heat the pool year round to (26-30°C). The system installed in March 2008, resulted in diesel savings up until November 2008, when boiler back-up was only required to a minimum level. The payback period for the project was less than one year based on 2008 diesel prices. The system also provides hot water for the showers and locker rooms.

The developer of these 50 luxury apartments contracted MEI to install 50 solar water heaters to operate on a stand alone basis (without boiler system back up) for domestic hot water provision. The solar systems are the main and only hot water supply for the apartments year round utilizing a solar water heater with a built in electric heating element for back up. The solar collectors provide total of 9,000 cubic meters per day of water for residents. Residents have control on system requirement (temperature reading and water level) from the comfort of their home.

The Jordache Textile Factory utilizes hot water and steam for washing and bleaching jeans. The factory, employing more than 2,000 now receives 250,000 liters of 60°C hot water daily through solar energy with a payback period of one to two years. Jordache, located in the Irbid industrial estate almost relocated as a result of increased fuel prices in Jordan and the energy intensive nature of their business. The MEI solution saved the client significant running costs, and the prospects of relocating.