Millennium Energy Industries (MEI) is a leading turnkey solar solutions provider operating internationally from Chile to Europe and the Arab region. MEI successfully engineered and implemented the world’s largest solar heating system, a 25 MW thermal solar district heating plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This project implemented in desert conditions, is double the size of the second largest globally and the largest operating thermal application of its kind globally.

Since 2002, MEI has been providing on a turnkey basis various solar heating, cooling, steam, and/or power (PV/CSP) solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential clients. MEI provides such solutions on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis, as well as on an Energy Services/BOOT/Lease basis.

MEI clients include Marriott and Movenpick Resorts, Nestle factory, Safeway, Schlumberger, Masdar City, the Governments of Saudi Arabia, and various other universities, hospitals, resorts, hotels, residential communities, oil/gas and industrial facilities. MEI offers BOOT/lease options for specific markets, and also has active R&D and Solar Power project development departments. MEI is ISO 9001 certified and adheres to international best practices in solar energy, contracting, and HSE.