Solar Cooling

Solar cooling employs heat driven chillers to provide cold water to condition air through fan coil units or under floor heat transfer systems. Heat driven cooling technology relies on commercially and proven heat driven chillers that have been deployed globally, utilizing less than 1% of the electricity that the traditional compressor system utilizes. Despite this, solar cooling is in its infancy with approximately 1000 installations, primarily pilot projects that have successfully leveraged. More than 200 solar cooling systems have been installed in Europe.

The application of solar cooling is economical, especially when the solar collector field is also available during the winter for heating purposes.

Millennium has extensive HVAC and solar cooling systems experience.

Millennium is currently the agent for SorTech adsorption chillers for cooling and air-conditioning applications in the small and medium scale performance range from 7.5 KW to 60 KW cooling capacity, utilizing heat as primary energy for cold production instead of electricity.